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The Columbia Album of Victor Herbert

The Columbia Album of Victor Herbert

  1. Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life
  2. Spanish Serenade
  3. Dream Girl
  4. Because You're You!
  5. Toyland
  6. March Of The Toys
  7. Gypsy Love Song And Romany Life
  8. A Kiss In The Dark
  9. I Want What I Want When I Want It
  10. When You're Away
  11. Cuban Serenade
  12. Indian Summer
  13. Every Day Is Ladies' Day With Me
  14. Kiss Me Again
  15. Habanera
  16. To The Land Of My Own Romance
  17. Dagger Dance
  18. Italian Street Song
  19. Sweethearts
  20. Yesterthoughts
  21. Streets Of New York
  22. I'm Falling In Love With Someone
  23. Thine Alone


CD: Collectables COL-CD-7565 (Sony A-70179) (USA)

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