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Best Of Best

Best Of Best

  1. Theme From "A Summer Place"
  2. A Waltz for Cynthia
  3. The Song From Moulin Rouge
  4. In Love (Fiorin Fiorello)
  5. Theme for Young Lovers
  6. Jealousy (Jalousie)
  7. AndalucĂ­a (The Breeze And I)
  8. Fascination
  9. Tara's Theme
  10. L'Eau Vive
  11. Blue Moon
  12. Bouquet
  13. A Lover's Concerto
  14. Yesterday
  15. My Love
  16. Killing Me Softly With Her Song
  17. Feelings
  18. Summer Place '76 (The Theme From "A Summer Place")


CD: Sony Music Direct DQCP 1515 (Japan)

About This Album

A 2009 compilation from Japan featuring notes in Japanese.

Percy Faith Orchestra