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Easy Listening Classics

Easy Listening Classics

  1. Theme From "A Summer Place"
  2. Sons & Lovers
  3. We All Need Love
  4. Theme From "The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs"
  5. The Sound Of Surf
  6. Valley Valparaiso
  7. Return To Paradise
  8. Till
  9. Many Times
  10. Theme For Young Lovers (1st arr.)


CD: Collectables COL-CD-9554 (Sony A-52074) (USA)

About This Album

2004 reissue of the 2001 Sony release of the same title, with new cover artwork. The disc itself is identical to the earlier release and has no Collectables label markings or catalog number.

This CD is desirable among Percy Faith fans because it contains the 1st arrangement of Theme For Young Lovers, originally released as a 45rpm single, in stereo.