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Malagueña - Music Of Cuba / Kismet

Malagueña - Music Of Cuba / Kismet

  1. Malagueña
  2. Quiéreme Mucho (Yours)
  3. El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)
  4. Danza Negra
  5. Andalucía (The Breeze And I)
  6. El Bodeguero
  7. Damisela Encantadora
  8. Siboney
  9. La Cumparsa
  10. Tumbando Cana
  11. Marta
  12. Mama Inez
  13. Para Vigo Me Voy (Say, Sí Sí)
  14. Tabú
  15. Sands Of Time
  16. Stranger In Paradise
  17. Zubbediya, Samaris' Dance
  18. He's In Love!
  19. Baubles, Bangles And Beads
  20. Rhymes Have I
  21. Rahadlakum
  22. And This Is My Beloved
  23. Fate
  24. Night Of My Nights
  25. Not Since Nineveh
  26. Bazaar Of The Caravans


CD: Él Records ACMEM302CD (United Kingdom)

About This Album

Released in November 2015. For additional information, see the original albums Malagueña and Kismet.

Doug's comments

Although Kismet sounds very close to the Collectables reissue, Malagueña is a bit muffled compared to the out-of-print Taragon reissue. As most fans are probably buying this disc for Malagueña, I can only recommend it the Taragon or Japanese issues cannot be found.