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Percy Faith audio recordings from YouTube

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Record Datesort descending Title Album
1953-12-08 Music Until Midnight Music Until Midnight
1953-12-30 Petite (Mon Petit Monde à Moi) Amour, Amor, Amore
1953-12-30 Dream, Dream, Dream Amour, Amor, Amore
1953-12-30 Eleanora Adventure In The Sun
1954-01 Bazaar Of The Caravans Music From Kismet
1954-01 Sands Of Time Music From Kismet
1954-01 Stranger In Paradise Music From Kismet
1954-01 Zubbediya, Samaris' Dance Music From Kismet
1954-01 He's In Love! Music From Kismet
1954-01 Rhymes Have I Music From Kismet
1954-01 Rahadlakum Music From Kismet
1954-01 And This Is My Beloved Music From Kismet
1954-01 Fate Music From Kismet
1954-01 Night Of My Nights Music From Kismet
1954-01 Not Since Nineveh Music From Kismet
1954-01-13 Baubles, Bangles And Beads Music From Kismet
1954-05-21 Bubbling Over (Gardebylaten) Adventure In The Sun
1954-05-21 Song for Sweethearts (Come Close)
1954-08-26 The Bandit (Theme From "O Cangaceiro") Adventure In The Sun
1955-01-07 House of Flowers House Of Flowers
1955-01-07 A Sleepin' Bee House Of Flowers
1955-01-07 If Hearts Could Talk (Theme Of "Abdullah, The Great") Amour, Amor, Amore
1955-01-07 Blue Mirage (Don't Go)
1955-01-25 I'm Gonna Leave Off Wearing My Shoes House Of Flowers
1955-01-25 Slide "Boy" Slide House Of Flowers
1955-01-25 Two Ladies in de Shade of de Banana Tree House Of Flowers
1955-01-25 One Man Ain't Quite Enough House Of Flowers
1955-01-25 Smellin' of Vanilla (Bamboo Cage) House Of Flowers
1955-01-27 Waitin' House Of Flowers
1955-01-27 Don't Like Goodbyes House Of Flowers
1955-01-27 I Never Has Seen Snow House Of Flowers
1955-01-27 What Is A Friend For? House Of Flowers
1955-01-27 Mardi Gras Waltz House Of Flowers
1955-03-10 The Fiddling Bullfighter Adventure In The Sun
1955-03-10 Not As A Stranger
1955-03-10 The World Is Mine
1955-04-25 You're Mine, You Music For Her
1955-04-25 You're My Everything Music For Her
1955-04-25 I'll Be Seeing You Music For Her
1955-04-25 Take Me in Your Arms Music For Her
1955-04-27 But Beautiful Music For Her
1955-04-27 The Nearness Of You Music For Her
1955-04-27 You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To Music For Her
1955-04-27 I'll See You In My Dreams Music For Her
1955-04-29 Out Of This World Music For Her
1955-04-29 The Way You Look Tonight Music For Her
1955-04-29 I Concentrate On You Music For Her
1955-04-29 Everything I Have Is Yours Music For Her
1955-07-07 Tropical Merengue Adventure In The Sun
1955-07-07 Tambora (Merengue) Adventure In The Sun